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Need for speed. Cuanto más rápido, mejor.

Need for speed

The results highlight the ecological relevance of riffles as foraging habitats of desmans, and therefore as key features for their conservation. It suggests that channel modifications that reduce the areal cover of riffles impair habitat quality for this species. In addition, water diversion for hydropower is likely to be detrimental for desmans, as it reduces discharge and flow velocity in the bypassed river sections.

Need for speed. Preference for fast-flowing water by Pyrenean desman Esnaola et al 2018

River Conservation: Challenges and Opportunities

Una buena dosis de lucidez no apta para papanatas adictos al optimismo.

Aviso para gestores salvapatrias del dominio público hidraúlico: tras la lectura de este libro, la ignorancia no será ya considerada como circunstancia atenuante. Yo que vosotros seguiría leyendo el Marca.

Cubierta_River coservation_redu